12 Tips to House Training your Puppy

The process of house training your puppy requires patience and persistence. There are specific procedures that will allow you to house break your puppy with minimal accidents in the home.

Follow these tips over the next few weeks to house train your puppy:

  1. Supervise- Lack of supervision in the early stages of house training is one of the most common causes of lingering housebreaking problems with an adolescent dog. Without supervision, you cannot catch the puppy in the act which is essential in the house training process. When you catch the puppy in the act, you can give the puppy the appropriate feedback that going inside the home is inappropriate.
  2. Catch the puppy in the act- Simply clap your hands or raise your voice slightly by saying “No,no,no,no”. Your reaction should get the puppy’s attention but should not scare them. If you scold them excessively, it can lead to your puppy being afraid to eliminate in your presence which will pose a problem when you need your puppy to go to the bathroom in your presence while on the leash.
  3. Take out often- Setting your puppy up for success is necessary for successful housetraining.  When you first bring home your puppy, try to take the puppy out every hour during the day. As their muscles become stronger they will be able to hold it for longer periods.
  4. Confinement- If you want to minimize accidents in the beginning, it is imperative that you have a designated area that you can place your puppy when you are unable to supervise them. A crate is ideal because puppies tend to avoid eliminating in a confined area where they rest.
  5. Carry Puppy out- I recommend carrying the puppy out initially for potty breaks. This way, you avoid having the puppy go to the bathroom in the house while they are on their way outside to the designated area. This is especially true when you take them out of the crate after being confined.
  6. Schedule Feeding- Scheduling feeding times will help regulate your puppy’s digestion so your puppy’s elimination times become more predictable.
  7. Limit water before bedtime- Your puppy will probably need to be taken out initially in the middle of the night, but it will be best if you keep their bladder empty as possible during sleeping hours. Try not to give your puppy any water within an hour before bedtime.
  8. Reward puppy for going- giving your puppy a small reward can help make it extra clear that relieving themselves outside is exactly what you want. Reward the puppy after they finish completely so they do not only pay attention to you in anticipation of the food reward.
  9. Same exit- Taking the dog out the same exit door for designated potty breaks will help teach the puppy to learn to signal you in the future by going to the door.
  10. Rule out medical concerns- Make sure your puppy is healthy. Bladder infections are fairly common with puppies especially in females. It can set back your housetraining goals if it is not addressed. If you notice the following signs, you should take a urine sample in to your veterinarian for examination:  
    • Puppy urinates multiple times within very short periods of time

    • Urine is dark in color and may have a strong pungent odor to it

  11. Cleaning soiled areas- It is imperative that you clean up accidents thoroughly so that your puppy does not return to these areas to relieve themselves. There are plenty of good products on the market such as Nature’s Miracle that remove the urine scent. You will want to avoid using ammonia based products as these can actually attract your puppy back to these spots.
  12. Pay Attention to Surface Areas- The majority of puppies will pick an absorbent surface over an impermeable one. In the early stages of housebreaking, try to avoid giving your puppy access to areas where rugs or carpets are present if possible.

Follow these tips and be patient with your new puppy. Every puppy has the ability to become housebroken; it just takes some longer than others.

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Published on July 23, 2017

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