6 Benefits of Crate Training your Dog

Crate training has many uses, but it is primarily used as an aid to housebreaking and to prevent destructive behavior.  Below are a few good reasons to crate train your dog.

1) Crate training is an indispensable tool for housebreaking. Puppies naturally avoid eliminating where they sleep and eat. Because the majority of all puppies avoid going to the bathroom in small confined spaces where they rest, the crate helps the puppy develop muscle control that aids in the ability to hold it when they feel the urge to pee or poop.

2) Most puppies will participate in destructive chewing behavior if you do not supervise them. By placing the puppy in the crate when you are unable to watch them, the puppy will not have the opportunity to chew up your hats, socks, shoes, remote controls, underwear, etc.

3) Dogs are naturally attracted to areas that resemble closed in spaces. You may notice that your dog likes to lie under tables, underneath decks, or even corners inside the home. A crate gives the dog access to a den like environment when they want to rest.

4) Separation anxiety is a condition that affects many dogs to varying degrees. The crate can be used while the owner is home to create short periods of isolation away from the owner to help the dog learn to cope with being separated from the owner for longer periods of time.

5) Crates provide safety. Just as you would put an infant in a play pen when you are unable to supervise them, the crate creates a safe place for your puppy. The home is full of dangerous items to a curious puppy. Wires, cleaning products, and small ingestible objects can all be hazardous to puppies looking for something to investigate with their mouths.

6) For dog owners and dog professionals that live with 3 or more dogs, crates provide the ability to separate dogs when necessary and allow the dogs to have their own quiet space at times.

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Published on July 23, 2017

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