Best Location for the Crate

Puppies 8-16weeks
If you have a young puppy between the ages of 8-16 weeks, you should place the crate in your bedroom. This enables you to hear them in the middle of the night if they whine because they need a potty break. Placing the crate in your bedroom is only necessary when you are in the house training process.

If your budget allows you to have two crates, you can keep one in a high traffic area of the home and one in the bedroom. The crate that you keep in the high traffic area should be large enough to accomodate your dog when they are full grown. This crate can act as a play pen when you cannot supervise your puppy. If you plan to only have one crate, you should move the crate from the bedroom to an area in the house where you spend the majority of your free time when you are not sleeping. When you have a puppy younger than four months, supervision and confinement are crucial to the house training process. Moving the crate to a high traffic area in the home allows you to put the puppy in the crate when you are busy tending to house chores, but still allows the puppy to observer you and not feel alone.

Puppies and Dogs Older than 16 weeks
For almost all situations, I recommend the crate be placed in a high traffic area of the home such as a living room or dining room. By placing the crate in the same area where you spend the majority of your time, your dog will feel more comfortable. Dogs enjoy being around us. The crate location should not be a place that completely separates your dog from the rest of the family.

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Published on July 23, 2017

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