My Dog Bites and Chews on the Crate

Dogs use their mouths and strong jaws for many things besides breaking down food and bones. If a dog becomes frustrated when they are confined, they will often begin pulling on the wire or door hinges with their teeth. This can be dangerous for the dog and should be discouraged.

This is yet another reason why it is important to crate your dog while you are home periodically so you can observe your dog’s behavior inside the crate.

Any biting on the crate should instantly be interrupted. There are a number of options that you can use to interrupt the behavior, but it is ideal if the dog does not associate the interruption from you. If your dog bites on the crate and you say “Stop It”, the dog may learn that biting on the crate provides attention which may encourage the behavior in the future.

A small air horn (find these at Walmart) is ideal as it is very easy to operate simply by pushing a button. As soon as the dog bites and pulls on the crate, you press the button to interrupt them. Once the dog stops biting on the crate, you can reward with a small food reward or better yet,give them an extra special chew toy to occupy them.

Often, covering the crate completely with a blanket can also stop biting on the crate. For some dogs, if they can't see outside the crate, they don't try to get outside of it.

If your dog is biting and chewing on the crate, it is obvious that they are not comfortable in the crate. Begin working through this guide paying special attention to the 10 crate training procedures that build positive association to the crate.  

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Published on July 23, 2017

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