12 Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love- With Tips

There are a plethora of dog toys currently on the market. Here is a list of my 12 favorite toys that I use to keep the dogs happy and busy. The more interesting toys you provide your dog, the less appealing your valuable house hold objects will be. I also added in some tips on using each toy.

  1. Food Puzzles- Fill food puzzles up with kibble or small treats. The puzzle will keep your dog busy and add mental stimulation to the dog’s daily activities. You can buy food puzzles online or at your local pet store.
  2. Rope Toys- Rope toys are great for tug of war and teething puppies. They are appropriate for some puppies, but not if your puppy has the tendency to ingest the rope fibers. You can soak the rope toy in water or chicken broth and then freeze it to ease teething gums or make it extra appealing.
  3. Raw Beef Marrow Bones- Most puppies and dogs love these bones. You can usually find them in the meat section at the grocery store. You can ask the butcher where to find them in the store. I freeze them and give them to the dogs frozen. They can be a little messy and are best given in the crate or outside.  They may cause an upset stomach with some dogs so use at your own discretion.
  4. Antlers- Antlers are currently very popular. They are great for hard chewers as they are not easily destroyed.  When the dog becomes bored with the antler in a few days, you can dip it in chicken or beef broth and then freeze it to make it attractive again.
  5. Stuffed Bones- You can buy these types of bones at your local pet store. They are pre-stuffed with various types of filling such as cheese or peanut butter. I like these bones because you can reuse them by stuffing them yourself after the dog has removed the original filling.
  6. Hooves – You can buy animal hooves at most any pet store. They are generally attractive to most dogs and last a relatively long time. I especially like using them for puppies before they develop their adult jaw strength.
  7. Chicken Broth Cubes- You can make these by filling up an ice tray with the broth.
  8. Bully Sticks- It is rare to see a dog that is not interested in a bully stick, but they are high in calories so you do not want to give too many in a week. They run on the expensive side, so I usually buy the 3 feet sections and then cut them down myself.
  9. Kong Toys- Stuff them with peanut butter, yogurt, or your dog's kibble. You can add a little water and freeze them to make them last longer. Make sure your dog cannot get their lower jaw stuck inside the hole of the toy as this can be dangerous.
  10. Chuck-It balls- These balls are made by the Chuck it company. They are more difficult to tear apart than a regular tennis ball. Many dogs really enjoy chewing on these types of balls for some reason. I have witnessed many dogs that will not even touch a tennis ball become really excited over chasing and mouthing the chuck-it ball. It must have something to do with feeling of the material or the way the ball will squish and then pop out again when the dog puts pressure on it.
  11. Plush toys- These toys are appropriate for some dogs, but if your dog instantly rips them apart, you will want to avoid this type of toy altogether as the stuffing can be dangerous if swallowed.
  12. Squeaker Toys- Many dogs love squeaker toys especially terriers. They can be used in training for a reward or you can let your dog play with the toy on their own, if you can tolerate the noise.

Every dog will differ on what type of toy they favor. Most dogs will be attracted to many of the toys on this list with some items being preferred over others.  Always observe your dog when you introduce a new toy that your dog has not had before. It is common for many dogs to show guarding behavior over some toys and not others. 


Published on July 23, 2017

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