Member Benefits and Features

The membership features were designed to create an effective learning process for owners to train their dogs while keeping cost and convenience in mind.

Professional Trainer’s Guidance
Many dog owners attempt to train their dogs all by themselves hoping that the dog will just get better with age.  I can save you a lot of time and aggravation by showing you the correct training process. Once you begin working through the training lessons, you will learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that your dog understands. Training in the proper manner expedites the training process considerably.

Step by Step Video Tutorials
Imagine having your dog come to you on command, walking politely on leash, greeting your visitors courteously, and is happy to follow your requests. Owning a dog that consistently follows your commands is a much more pleasant experience than owning a dog that is uncooperative. The video tutorials will show you the correct dog training steps you need to take to have a well-trained dog.

It is important to note that if you want a dog that listens to you, you are the one who needs to learn how to train the dog. If you have ever taken a puppy class or watched a dog training TV show, you will see that the trainer’s main goal is to teach the person how to train the dog. Trainers know that unless the owner learns how to train the dog themselves, then it doesn’t matter what the trainer does with the dog. This is one reason why the online video tutorials are so effective to the learning process. You can view the lessons as many times as you need and once you have mastered the lesson, you can move on to the next lesson.

The tutorial videos have the following features:

  • Organized systematic training process
  • Features dogs that have no understanding of the exercise
  • Enjoy Unlimited streaming of the video tutorials
  • Teach your dog all the commands that every dog should know
  • Superior to dog training books (You get to see how the process works)

Basic through Advanced Training
My experience working with dog owners over the years has taught me that training goals differ from owner to owner. As a member, you can choose what level of training you want to reach with your dog. You can move through the levels at your own pace and stop training when you reach the training level that you are happy with.

Problematic Behaivor Resolution
Experiencing problematic behavior with your dog is frustrating. House soiling, destroying personal items, not coming when called, are just a few behaviors that often irritate dog owners.  Fortunately, these various nuisance behaviors can be resolved through training. As a member, you will have access to my entire collection of dog training articles, trainer’s tricks, and video tutorials that will explain in detail how to stop your dog from participating in unwanted behaviors.

Here are a few examples of problematic behaviors we teach you how to resolve: 

  • Jumping Up
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Biting & Nipping
  • House Soiling
  • Destructive Behavior  
  • Leash Pulling
  • Playing Keep Away
  • Digging
  • Counter Surfing

Puppy Section
Bringing home a new puppy is a life changing event. The foundation training you set with your puppy now will have lasting effects throughout their lives. Knowing how to start the puppy out on the correct training path will make the process of raising a puppy much easier. If you have a young puppy, you will enjoy our Puppy Essentials section which is specifically designed for puppies that are 8-16 weeks of age.

Here are few examples of topics and videos in this section:

  • House Training your puppy
  • Crate Training your puppy
  • Teaching the name
  • Teaching the puppy to come
  • Introducing the leash
  • Play biting
  • Foundation training exercises

Finding a training class that is close to where you live and that works with your work schedule or your kid’s extracurricular activities may be difficult. Our online training service allows you to take lessons when you want, where you want, and move at a pace that works for you and your dog. And all of our lesson content can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Proven Training Method
I have been training dogs and teaching owners how to correctly train their own dogs for the past 20 years. The training method that I will show you is a proven technique that I have used to help thousands of dog owners just like you. My technique is not only gentle and effective, but it is also easy to apply to your dog. If you would like to hear what others have to say that have used my techniques, you can check out these training testimonials.

Cost Effective
All dogs need to be trained. They also need vet visits, food, chew toys, leashes, and dog beds which can add up quickly, especially if you have just recently brought home your new dog. Traditional dog training formats cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. In fact, I charge $4,000 to train a dog for 3 weeks for a client.  As a member, you can have access to all of my training lessons for only $179 for the lifetime of your dog.

No Risk Free Trial

  • Not sure yet if this is for you? No problem, we offer a 3 day free trial period to get to know how the membership area works.
  • After the 3 day trial period if you decide to continue your subscription, you don't have to do anything. We will automatically bill your card on the fourth day for the program. Of course you can cancel at any time and if you cancel before the trial period is over, your card will never be charged.
  • We offer a no hassle cancel policy for the Free Trial. No phone calls, no explanation necessary, just a few clicks and your membership will be canceled without your card being charged.

How to Get Started
To start training today, simply click on the Start Training link and create an account. You will then enter your billing information and that’s it. You will begin your 3 day Free Trial period.


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